Museum Affandi, Jl. Laksda Adisucipto 167 (at the beginning of the road out to the airport), +62 274 562593+62 274 562593 (, [14]. Delightful museum built around the former home of the late Affandi, one of Indonesia’s best-known painters. Several galleries, including one with 30 of Affandi’s paintings from his early, impressionist and expressionist periods, and another with paintings by some of his 11 children. The artist designed some of the buildings (the central complex was originally his home and offices) himself, and the grounds themselves are worth the admission price. Helpful staff to show you around. Rp 20,000 includes a drink..  Museum Dirgantara (aircraft museum), Jl. Lettu TPA Supardal. Coordinates -7° 47′ 25.26″, +110° 25′ 0.55″. (behind Adi Sucipito Airport), +62 274 564465, +62 274 564466. M-Th 8AM-1PM, Sa 8AM-12PM. This Indonesian aircraft museum holds several antique aircraft from WWII era such as Badger bomber, MIG-15 to MIG-21, P-51 Mustang, Catalina flying boat, Auster MkII, Lavochkin LA-11, F-86 Sabre, T-33 Bird, A6M5 Zero and others. Rp 5,000. The museum is not signposted: to get there either take a cab or use a Satnav and get to the eastern end of Jl. Lettu TPA Supardal. The museum is inside the Air Force base. The guard at the entrance will require you to deposit your passport while you are inside the museum.

Museum Sonobudoyo, Jl. Trikora 6, Yogyakarta 55122 (north alun-alun), +62 274 76775, +62 274 373617+62 274 373617 (fax: +62 274 385664). A Javanese archeology museum, has many Javanese artefacts like wayang puppets, masks, statues, textiles, weapons, as well as a full set of Javanese gamelan instruments. Worth a visit if you have some extra time in Yogya, or you are interested in Javanese culture study. Rp 3,000.

Museum Kekayon, Jl. Raya Yogya–Wonosari (km 7) 277, Baturetno, Banguntapan, Bantul. +62 274 513218+62 274 513218, +62 274 379058+62 274 379058, +62 818 260020. ( Tu-Su 8AM-3PM. A wayang (puppet) museum with a lush javanese style garden. It is divided into 10 sectors, where each holds a vast amount of wayang puppets from various places in Indonesia. Rp 5,000.

Museum Batik / Wisma Batik Jl. Dr. Sutomo No.13 Yogyakarta 55211 +62274 562338+62274 562338. The oldest Batik in the museum was made in 1840. There are some famous collections as well, such as Soga Jawa Long Cloths (1950-1960), Isen-isen Antik Sarong (1880-1890) which was made by EV. Zeuylen from Pekalongan, and Soga Jawa Long Sarong (1920-1930) made by Mrs. Lie Djing Kiem from Yogyakarta. The other collections are woven cloths created by the museum owner. The woven cloths feature pictures of Soekarno, Soeharto Megawati, Hamengku Buwono IX, Tuanku Imam Bonjol, Pangeran Diponegoro (all of which are Indonesian either heroes or prominent figures), and Pope John Paul II, and Mother Theresa.

Fort Vrederburg Jl. Jend. A. Yani No.6 Yogyakarta 55121 +62274 586934, Fax +62274 586934. Vredeburg Fort was once an unpretentious square fort built by Sri Sultan Hamengku Bowono I in 1760 upon the Colonial request, Nicolas Harting. On the inside of the fort, there are thousands of dioramas portraying the Indonesian struggle before the independence until the New Order. There are also collections of historical objects, photographs and paintings about the national struggle to set, achieve, defend and fill Indonesian independence. The dioramas and collections of historical objects are equipped with information on the events which occurred at that time.

Museum Ullen Sentalu, Jl. Boyong, Kaliurang, +62 274 895161+62 274 895161, [15]. Tu-Su 8.30 AM-4PM. The museum displays relics and artifact from royal houses and kratons of Java, such as Yogyakarta, Pakualam, Surakarta, and Mangkunegaran.